Solar Balloon Kit 159.00€ All taxes inc.

With the Solar Balloon Kit, discover the unique sensation of flying a DIY object. The kit contains all the material and instructions necessary for the construction of a solar balloon 4 meters in diameter, flying thanks to the energy of the sun and carrying up to 1 kg of payload. This kit can also be used as a refill for the Weather Balloon project, that is to say that the balloon carries a weather station. Solar Balloons can fly many consecutive times but can not be deconstructed.

Solar Balloon Kit container

  • 1 Black Polyethylene 30 m x 1 m
  • 2 Two handles with 50m of rope
  • 3 A pair of scissors
  • 4 Two adhesive rolls
  • 5 A pattern of spindle
  • 6 User manual
  • Available online here