Weather Station Kit 89.00€ All taxes inc.

The electronic kit allows the creation of a weather station that measures temperature, pressure, altitude, and CO2 levels.
The data can be stored on an SD card (included), transferred to a computer if the station is connected to it, or even sent to another card via distance with the assistance of an Xbee module (not included).
Two copies of the electronic weather kit are included in the solar balloon kit. It could be good to add additional weather kits if you wish to focus on the programming component of the activity by dividing a group into multiple small teams.

Weather Station Kit container

  • 1 An Arduino Uno Rev3 with a USB cable
  • 2 Temperature, pressure, altitude, pollution, and light sensors
  • 1 BMP280 sensor, 1 MQ135 sensor, and 2 photoresistors

  • 3 A microSD 128MB card with an Arduino reader and a USB adapter
  • 4 Twelve diodes
  • Color red, green and yellow.

  • 5 Six push buttons
  • 6 Forty resistors
  • Ten 220 Ohm, ten 1K Ohm, ten 10K Ohm and ten 100K Ohm.

  • 7 A breadboard and forty cables
  • Used to connect seamless components. Twenty male-male cables, ten male-female cables, and ten female-female cables.

  • 8 A 9V battery and its connector